Award Categories

Christian Indie Awards are offered in fourteen categories.

Each book can only be nominated in one category. In cases where your book could fit in more than one category, choose the one that best fits.

— Fiction Categories —

• General Fiction

This covers any fiction, from contemporary to fantasy to science fiction.

• Historical Fiction

This covers any fiction set in the 19th Century or earlier, including Biblical fiction.

• Romance

This covers fiction works in which romance is the central plot element.

— Nonfiction Categories —

• Bible Study / Theology

This category is for pithy books that dig into the Word or present frank theological discussions.

• Biography / Memoir

Books that tell stories about real people or families.

• Christian Education

This is for educational products—for school, home, or church—that are built on a Christian worldview.

• Christian Living

This is for products that help Christians lead lives that better reflect Christ’s love.

• Devotional

Daily or weekly, if it gives the reader insight into God’s Word on a regular basis, it goes here.

• Relationships / Family

Books about parenting, reconciliation, family issues, etc. If it focuses on your spouse, your parents, your kids, or your in-laws, this is the place for it.

— Specialty Categories —

• Children’s (4-8 years)

Picture books for young children.

• Children’s (8-12 years)

From chapter books to picture books, if it’s for tweeners, it goes here.

• Gift Books

Photography, poetry, and other coffee-table books are gathered here.

• Young Adult (12+ years)

Books for our youth, fiction and nonfiction alike, are covered in this category.

— eBooks —

• eBook Exclusive

Books that are only available electronically fall into this category.