Bible Study 1st

Bible Study 2nd

Bible Study 3rd

The Night Cometh
Nobody See This is You
Surrender the Joy Stealers
Gods Will

Business Finance 1st

Children’s Picture Books 1st

Children’s Picture Books 2nd

Children’s Picture Books 3rd

How to Be a Great Investor
Worship Songs and the Law
Our God is Bigger Than That!
Mr Winter

Children’s 8-12 1st

Children’s 8-12 2nd

Children’s 8-12 3rd

Christian Education 1st

Sunday Morning Chaos
Do Your Best, Tess
A Bellwether Christmas
No Bones About It

Christian Education 2nd

Christian Education 3rd

Christian Living 1st (Tied)

Christian Living 1st (Tied)

I want a water buffalo for Christmas
Voting Christian Values

Christian Living 2nd

Christian Living 3rd

Devotional 1st

Devotional 2nd

5 Steps to Get Your Song Heard
Oh God Why Can't I Stop
An Unnatural Beauty
Living for His Glory

General Fiction 1st

General Fiction 2nd

General Fiction 3rd

Gift 1st

Day-votions with Your Faithful Father Book Cover
Pursue Jesus
Seeking Joy
He Has Plans for Me

Historical Fiction 1st

Historical Fiction 2nd

Historical Fiction 3rd

Memoir / Biography 1st

Deep End of the Lake
Tears in a Bottle
Summer Up!
Rabbit at the Sliding Door

Memoir / Biography 2nd

Memoir / Biography 3rd

Mystery / Suspense 1st (Tied)

Mystery / Suspense 1st (Tied)

Saint Francis - Religion of Love
Mary Mother of Grace and Mercy
Savage Marriage

Mystery / Suspense 2nd

Mystery / Suspense 3rd

Novella 1st

Personal Growth 1st

My Promise to Alex
Nettles and Roses
Gods Rock and Roll Army
Stolen Blessing

Personal Growth 2nd

Personal Growth 3rd

Poetry 1st

Relationships / Family 1st

Hidden Humanity
You Are a Bird by Breezy
The Path Out of Loneliness

Relationships / Family 2nd

Relationships / Family 3rd

Romance 1st

Romance 2nd

Knitted Faith
Grow by Design
Flying Free

Speculative 1st

Speculative 2nd

Theology 1st

Theology 2nd

The 6 Pillars of Intimacy
In My Fathers Wake
Night Songs
The Monarch Fields

Young Adult 1st

Young Adult 2nd

Young Adult 3rd

Love Reunited